Product Description

Next Generation Water Generator (NGWG) produces the cleanest potable water on the planet, from the air we breathe.

NGWG 1000: Produces 1000 liters per day. NGWG 1000 is best suited for small compounds and buildings.

Using the NGWG 1000 machine with a bottling plant, we can provide the ultimate bottled water solution.

Free & Pure Water From these machines can produce up to 50,000 bottles per day.

Solar Technology can be integrated with the bottling plant thereby, providing absoluting free & pure bottled water.

Biomass Technology can also be integrated with the bottling plant.

Solar Panels are now being installed on most of our units to produce clean and green water for everyone.

Currnetly a large industrial machine is in development that can very soon provide millions of gallons of clean water from the air.