Product Description

Swiss Newater: Hydro Clean

Swiss Newater's Hydro Clean Ionizes Water.

Hydro Clean produces soft Water that also eliminates bacteria, jerms, viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

The Swiss Newater Technology has many application possibilities. Here are some examples where our technology has been successfully used and has satisfied our customers:

Agriculture / Food Processing
Swiss Newater Agriculture

• Plant protection: Prevention of fire blight, Apple rust and other fungi diseases
• Bacteria and Virus protection
• Sterilization of seeds, seedlings and other plant materials
• Soil disinfection in the greenhouse
• Air sterilization in the greenhouse
• Germ elimination on all sorts of crops

Consumer / Household
Swiss Newater Consumer

• The Chemical Free Home
• The Chemical Free Restaurant and Hotel
• Bed Sanitation in Hotels – Hospitals – etc
• Swimming Pools

Industrial Solutions
Swiss Newater Industrialr

• General Cleaning and Disinfection of Food Production facilities
• Surface disinfection in veterinary applications at high or low degree of pollution
• Cleaning and Disinfection of Transport containers, Tanks and Lorries
• Cleaning and disinfecting milking machines and installations
• Barn and animal hygiene
• Prevention of forage and potable water contamination
• Waste water remediation

Medical & Humanitarian
Swiss Newater Medical & Humanitarian

• Room and device sterilization
• Hand and body hygiene
• Sore disinfection
• Dental application